Selamat Hari Kenaikan Tuhan kita Yesus Kristus…

Semoga pada hari yang penuh dengan keberkahan kita semua dipenuhi sukacita dan mari kita terus menyebarkan kebaikan serta berkat-Nya

Jangan lupa menambah rasa syukur agar damai dan sejahtera senantiasa menyertai langkah kita…

Tuhan memberkati kita semua dalam tugas dan Pelayanan aamiin

Selamat Memperingati Kenaikan Isa Almasih…
Maximus Gladiator Papua..

Why Somatua Foundation ?

Papua is well known for the abundance of its natural resources. Ironically, most of indigenous Papuans live a poor and untouched life. Data from Human Development Index indicates low quality of Papuan life. Development progress is crawling, mainly in extremely remote regions.

The main reason behind this fact is lack of access to sufficient education and health services which in turn brings impact on economy. Founded in 2012 by a native Papuan, Somatua Foundation is committed to empower Papuan people in the fields of education, health, and economy. These three main sectors are considered the pillars for Papuan in managing their own potentials to move towards wealthier life.

About Us


Somatua Foundation Cares for Papuan Public Health.


Somatua Foundation Cares for Papuan Community Education.


Somatua Foundation Develops Local Potential for Community Welfare

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Our story

Japance Gayamopa
Taman Baca Kemala Somatua Students

“I studied at the Taman Baca from the very beginning when I started my activities. I got great lessons and experiences from the teachers there. All of that has benefited my school until now.”

Miltidessa Corry Jolemal
Graduates of Somatua Training Center

“After I attended the K3 training at STC, I was able to know all things including safety. from JSA, HIRADC, SOP, etc. I also feel happy training at stc because we also go out in the field. so that you know a safe situation when an incident occurs.”​