Maximus Tipagau: Somatua Training Center Future Strategic Partnership Call

Report by Septinus George Saa

Somatua Training Center is expanding the location for vocational training in SP 2 (Behind Pemda), Timika, Kab. Mimika, Papua to ensure safety and operational of training session. This initiative is one of the focuses of the director of Somatua Foundation, Mr. Maximus Tipagau-Waukateyau, who is well-known as Gladiator Papua. He is happy with the current performance of the training center and will do everything is his power to ensure this center will serve more Papuans especially the 7 tribes in the Directly-Affected Villages/Regencies surrounding PT. Freeport Indonesia area.

It is well-known that the current operations of major companies in Papua and Timika especially are in need of competent and skilled workers and Somatua Training Center is established to answer these needs. As the main priority of STC is to help rebuild a local skilled manpower, it has become a serious commitment of Somatua Foundation and Maximus Tipagau to ensure the establishment and the expansion of STC will be a matter to address as soon as possible.

Maximus, in his own capability, is delivering this training center without any supports at the moment either from local government or local private companies. He is eager to attract strategic partnership with governments and local/national companies to push this important agenda of “reducing” unemployment in Timika and the whole region in Papua.

“I’d like to call for joint cooperation and support from governments and companies who are doing their businesses in the land of Papua to come and work together to resolve the impending issues of unemployment by providing opportunities for Papuans to build their skills and competencies so that they can apply and compete in the job markets,” said Maximus during his visit to the newly acquired lands for Somatua Training Center field practical training.


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